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Great menu to launch

Forget the walker and create powerful
navigations with a real theme system.

Hi ! It’s @maxpertici, the developer of WP Advanced Menu.

WP:AM is a new way to quickly create a powerful, modern and personalized navigation menu for your website.

You can create WP:AM themes for your menus in the same way as you create WordPress themes for your websites.

This side-project is still in development, but you already have features bellow integrated into the plugin.

A first free version is on wordpress.org.


Simplify your work. Use, modify, create real themes for your navigation menus.

Create child themes by defining a theme as a template. If you need a higher level, you can also define another theme as grand parent: origin.

Load your themes (or those of others) from a WordPress theme or plugin. Create your own library, reuse and improve your menus from project to project.

Quickly personalize an existing theme with the override system. Copy an item and customize it. That’s it.


Work more easily on the specifics of your menu items

Catch an item easily with the hierarchy template system for post type, taxonomy, archive and custom items.

Each menu item now has a type to help you create more advanced menus. WP:AM also offers new types of elements such as the image type or the Gutenberg block.

(Soon you will be able to create your own).


Configure your menus and its behavior with an integrated panel

No need to rework your css files, you can now adjust your breakponts directly in the back office.

Add your theme options to the back office and configure your menu according to the needs of the current project.


Some other stuff

WP:AM is built on ACF. So use your favorite fields and build your ideas 🙂

WP:AM likes hooks and is starting to create new ones to make life easier for developers.

WP:AM is compatible with cache plugins. Your stylesheets will be properly supported.

WP:AM is translation ready. Fortunately 😛

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